FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Articles & Feeds

What is this articles section & what are feeds?

"Articles" is the latest section that has been added to 160by2 from where you can catch-up with the latest trending articles on the internet. Latest updates from sites are shown to you through RSS feeds of these websites. You can add sites from which you would like to receive updates(feeds) by clicking on the +Add/Edit link in the articles section. Get your daily dose of news & updates from various sites that you like at one place. Save the articles you like for later reference - share interesting articles with your friends.

How do I add a site?

To add a new site, visit the articles section and click on the + Add/Edit button. Enter the URL (website address) that you would like to add and click on search icon (or press 'enter' on your keyboard). A list of available feeds would be shown in the search results area. Click on +Add button to add it to your feed-list. You should rename it for your convenience when prompted.

Can I add any site?

Any site which provides RSS feeds can be added to your feed list. If a particular site does not provide RSS feeds, it can not be added to your feeds. To find the RSS feed URL, look for the rss link or its icon (Inline images 1) on the website. If you are unable to find it, you can try inserting /feed or /feeds or /rss after the website URL - either it will show you a 'page not found' error OR you would see the rss feeds from that site which you can add to your feed list.

I'm unable to add 'X' site

Not all sites provide RSS feeds of their content. In case you are not able to locate the RSS feed for a particular site, you can try the suggestions as mentioned in the previous question.

When I search for a feed, I get multiple results - which one do I add?

Some sites provide various RSS feeds separated under different categories. For eg. a popular site may give a different feed for its 'global news' content and another one for its 'technology news' content. You need to choose the feed you want to subscribe to. You can add as many feeds as you want but do rename them appropriately for your own reference.

How do I save an article for later?

To save an article for later, click on the 'Favorite' link (located at the top & bottom of every article) or by clicking on the 'Favorite' icon on left hand side on the articles page. All your favorite articles are available for you in 'My Favorites' under the 'Articles' section.


How do I register?

Registration process is fast, simple & rewarding - all you need is a mobile number and an email address. Complete the registration form (which takes less than a minute) & win 100 Funbucks instantly!

To register, please visit http://www.160by2.com/UserRegistration

I forgot password, what to do?

No problem, it happens with all of us. You can get your password back through either of the two methods - By getting an SMS OR by giving a missed call to see your password. Both of these methods require you to have your mobile phone(registered with 160by2) - and it should be switched on.
To recover your password, please visit the 'forgot password' page.


What are Funbucks and how can I earn more?

Funbucks are the rewards points you earn by successfully completing any activity. Activities range from filling up a form, registering with our sponsors to inviting friends to join 160by2.com.

Where can I use Funbucks?

You can use Funbucks to get rewards from reward store. You can choose any reward from the reward store as long as you have the Funbucks required for that reward.

What should I keep in mind about the Funbucks I've earned?

Funbucks have validity of 6 months - which means that Funbucks that you earn today, will expire if not used within 6 months. The validity is calculated on a month to month basis, i.e say you earn 7000 Funbucks in the month of January will remain active till 31st July. Funbucks are non-transferable - i.e. you cannot transfer or gift your Funbucks to any other account.

How can I check my Funbucks history?

History of all the Funbucks that you have earned or spent is available on 'My account history' page.

To access My Account History, click on 'Click here for details' under My Funbucks section, to check Funbucks data (earned & spent) in a month wise manner.

Rewards, Recharges

How do I get a recharge?

Once on the recharge page, please enter the amount for which you would like to recharge. The entered amount should be equal or below the amount for which you are claiming. Also, please check(and double check!) the entered mobile number and the amount - We will not be able to help if the entered amount or mobile number is incorrect.

Can I recharge any mobile number?

Yes, you can recharge any prepaid mobile number on any operator across any circle in India.

I am eligible to for a recharge but don't have a pre-paid number - what can I do?

In case you have a post paid number, you would need to enter someone else's mobile number. That's a great gift that everybody loves!

I claimed a Talktime recharge from Rewards Store but I didn't receive any talktime in my mobile. What do I do?

Before claiming any Talktime/Data Pack from Rewards store, please check with your mobile operator as to what is exactly offered(Talktime/Data Pack/Sms Pack) against a recharge denomination. Since an offering(Talktime/Data Pack/Sms Pack) against a particular recharge denomination is decided by mobile operators alone, 160by2.com holds no responsibility of what a user receives from a mobile recharge.

I visited 160by2.com today between 10 am - 12pm, I couldn't see the Bids section. What happened to the bids, what will happen to the Funbucks that I have earned?

Unfortunately, bids section has been removed from 160by2.com. But worry not, your Funbucks earning are still valid & safe. You can still use them to claim products from Rewards Store.

I won an item from Bids section few days back, but I have not claimed it yet - Can I still claim my reward?

Your bid winnings are safe. You can still claim your winnings by following the procedure given below:

Open "Claim" tab. Click on "Claim Now" against the item that you have not claimed yet. Follow the instructions at each step to claim your bid winning.

I claimed a recharge from Rewards Store but no such denomination exists for my operator. What do I do?

Recharges can only be claimed for amounts below or equal to the available recharge denomination. For eg. if you are trying to claim a Rs.50 talktime recharge from Rewards Store, you can use it for any amount below Rs.50 - in case no such denomination exists for your operator, you would have to perform a recharge on another mobile number for which that denomination is acceptable.

Can I also get data packs - 2G / 3G from rewards store?

Yes, you can get all popular 2G/3G mobile data packs available on all operators and circles across India.


  • Before you claim any 2G/3G mobile pack, make sure your handset is 2G/3G complaint.
  • In case your data pack recharge is successful but you did not receive any 2G/3G settings on your mobile, kindly contact your mobile operator for solution.

Recharge to my mobile number failed - what do I do?

You need to confirm

  1. Whether you entered the correct mobile number.
  2. Whether you entered the right recharge denomination.
  3. If point 1 or 2 or if both points are incorrect re-attempt the recharge process.
  4. If both 1 or 2 points were correct, please try again after one hour.

For any further assistance contact us with the details on: help@160by2.com.

Oxigen Wallet faq

What is Oxigen Wallet?

Oxigen Wallet is a currency service through which you can shop online, pay your bills and even convert Oxigen Wallet points into cash! To know more about Oxigen Wallet, click here

How do I get Oxigen Wallet?

It is mandatory to have Oxigen Wallet account before you claim Oxigen Wallet points won from reward store. If you are an existing Oxigen Wallet user, Oxigen Wallet points will get credited to your account after you provide your account details(mobile number).

In case you do not have an Oxigen Wallet account, you can get one in under a minute!
Click here to create your Oxigen Wallet account.

Product questions - cancellations, shipping tracking

Do I have to pay extra for delivery charges?

You don't have to pay anything. 160by2.com bears the shipping cost of all the products won from rewards store.

Can I cancel/return my winnings?

Sorry! Products cannot be cancelled or redeemed back for Funbucks.

What should be kept in mind while redeeming a product?

  1. In case of a shipping item: Please check the delivery address you enter during the claiming process.
  2. In case of mobile recharge/data pack: Ensure the mobile number and the amount you enter is correct while claiming your mobile recharge/data pack.

Note:- 160by2.com will not be responsible if an incorrect amount is entered by the user for mobile recharge OR for the product delivery if the user provides an invalid/incorrect address. Please feel free to contact us on help@160by2.com

Rewards store

How to claim a product from rewards store?

You can claim any product from rewards store simply by redeeming Funbucks from your account. Products on rewards store have been placed at different levels from 1 to 10 (according to the Funbucks value). Make sure you have sufficient Funbucks in your account before you claim any product from reward store.

At what price points, products are available on Rewards store?

All products belonging to a particular level of rewards store can be redeemed at the same Funbucks value, irrespective of product's actual mrp. For eg: If you want to redeem a product from the level 2 of reward store whose mrp is 150 Rs., you can claim that or any other product from level 2 for 1000 Funbucks.